A Flight of Short Musicals

June 9-11, 2022


Elision Playhouse

6105 42nd Avenue North - Crystal MN

Join us for our “short musicals” festival. We’ll present a new line-up of short musicals and plays with music!  With humor and heart, we'll explore the many ways people cope with and overcome life's uncertainties and challenges. Our 2020 festival was our last production before the pandemic hit and it was a ton of fun.  We only have three performances so don't miss out!

Crossing Over by Timothy Huang

Blank Slate by Julia Meinwald and Gordon Leary

Over Texas by Michael John LaChiusa

People are Dancing by Sarah Hammond and Benny Gammerman

Occupy by James Phillips with music by Rosabella Gregory

Doors and bar open at 6:30 ~ Showtime at 7:30

Run time approximately 90 minutes

General Admission - $35.00

Residents of Crystal, New Hope and Robbinsdale - $30.00

Students, Seniors and Industry Colleagues - $25.00

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*Member of Actors Equity Association

The Shows


In Timothy Huang's Crossing Over, Lily Green, a young tele-commuter who is more afraid of leaving her apartment than the horror films she watches, finds herself in a precarious position when her neighbor Cece shows up at her door claiming that a ghost is haunting her apartment.  The bulb above Cece’s door, which usually casts protective light has suddenly gone out and in its absence, the sepctre has moved in.  All Cece wants is for Lily to cross over her threshold and help her change a lightbulb.  But crossing over means opening herself up to a world Lily is convinced does not want her. 

blank slate.jpg

Blank Slate was written by Julia Meinwald and Gordon Leary.  It tells the story of Reynolds. After unexpectedly losing his job, Reynolds finds his way to a Thrift Shop with a goal of starting over -- with a blank slate -- to reinvent himself. With the help of the thrift store clerk, Reynolds tries on new personas anchored by unique items in the store he could purchase.  By the end, Reynold has a decision to make.  How much change does he really want?  Who does he want to be?  And what items will leave the store with him to begin his new life?


Over Texas is a vignette from Michael John LaChiusa's First Lady Suite which takes place on Air Force One as it flies into Dallas on November 22, 1963.  Mary Gallagher (the First Lady's secretary) and Evelyn Lincoln (the President's secretary) are on board sharing their thoughts about working for the First Family. Feeling sleepy before landing, Mary takes a nap and has a prophetic dream.  This work was to be part of our production of First Lady Suite postponed in 2020 by COVID. The full production is still on hold, but we are thrilled to present one piece.


People are Dancing was written by Sarah Hammond and Benny Gammerman. James and Rebecca are two strangers who meet at the airport as they arrive in Venice for a vacation. Both are alone and end up spending quite a bit of time together during their stay. On the last night there, they reflect on their time together, talk about who they are in their real life "back home" . . . and decide whether on that last night in Venice they should spend their time packing for their return, or have "this one last night".  

occupy copy2.jpg

A woman writes a letter to God, and then decides she wants it back. Her effort to retrieve the letter leads to life-altering actions. Occupy is a play with music written by James Phillips with music by Rosabella Gregory. It is from City Stories: Tales of Love and Magic in London. City Stories premiered in London in 2013 and moved to NYC Off-Broadway in 2016. We had pre-pandemic plans to bring the show (and Rosabella) to Twin Cities audiences. Alas, COVID had other plans -- but we are thrilled that James and Rosabella have given us permission to share this vignette from the show.

2020 Highlights!
The Reviews!

Cherry and Spoon:  "They're all truly delightful and unexpected, at least one locally written, and performed by a talented local cast."

Twin Cities Stages:  "A Flight of Short Musicals is a perfect show for anyone who is a fan of musical theater and wants to explore what the genre is capable of portraying in only a short amount of time."

Millennial on the Mezzanine:  "The talented cast of nine brings their A-game to make the audience believe their stories without any elaborate sets. And it works. These are some seriously strong actors that don’t need any bells and whistles to make you believe them. You just will."

Stages of Minnesota: "What was fun about this evening was that if you didn’t care for one of the pieces it’s no big deal it will be over shortly and you’ll have another musical to connect with. The strength of the evening is that you never feel that way about any of the shows, they are all enjoyable, fun well written and catchy."