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Goblin Market

By Polly Pen and Peggy Harmon

“Goblin Market” is a musical adaptation of Christina Rossetti’s 1859 narrative poem by Polly Pen and Peggy Harmon .  Two proper Victorian sisters return to their childhood nursery to relive the haunting memories of their youth. Blending music, poetry and entrancing imagery, the play weaves an enchanted spell that will linger long in the memory.  

The Reviews:
Cherry and Spoon
"If beautifully performed, small, intimate, original or rarely produced musicals are your thing, you definitely need to check out this new and exciting entry to the #TCTheater scene."
Twin Cities Art Reader
". . .great source material, a beautiful score, a stellar cast, and lovely visuals."
Minnesota Playlist
"The small but mighty troupe of Theatre Elision was tremendously talented. The two actors/singers and four live musicians were clearly professionals, capable of conquering any production set before them. Hearing them make un-amplified music in their chamber ensemble of: alto, soprano, grand piano, violin, cello, and percussion was gorgeous. These natural sounding instruments are timeless and innately exciting, many moments were pure perfection."
Enjoy a brief highlights video!

Cast & Creative

Christine Wade
Krin McMillen
Christina Rosetti

Christina Rossetti (1830-1894) was born in London, one of four children of Italian parents. Rossetti is best known for her ballads and her mystic religious lyrics. Her poetry is marked by symbolism and intense feeling. Rossetti’s best-known work, Goblin Market and Other Poems, was published in 1862. The collection established Rossetti as a significant voice in Victorian poetry. By the 1880s, recurrent bouts of Graves’ disease made Rossetti an invalid, yet she continued to write. Christina Rossetti is increasingly being reconsidered a major Victorian poet. She has been compared to Emily Dickinson but the similarity is more in the choice of spiritual topics than in poetic approach.

[excerpted from]. Additional background on Christina Rossetti can be found at:


Piano:           Harrison Wade

Violin:           Liam Gibb           

Cello:            Rosa Thompson-Vieira            

Percussion:   Erik Schee   

Production Team

Director:                     Lindsay Redman

Music Director:          Harrison Wade

Vocal Director:           Christine Wade

Technical Manager:   Samm Nordstrom

Gallery and Media 

Photography by Amy Stockhaus (
Photography by Amy Stockhaus (
Graphic Design by Christine Wade
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