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Book and Lyrics by Germaine Shames; Music by Erin Murray Quinlan

" . . . if you are a music fanatic, this cabaret-style evening will have you on the edge of your seat. All of the performers, but particularly the female performers, are unbelievably talented." -Minnesota Playlist

September 2019

A disillusioned expat Dadaist artist returns after World War I. Needing to earn a living, she sets out to impersonate a spirit medium—only to discover that she is the real deal.  A war hero, a charity matron mourning her daughter, and a young widow flock to the reluctant medium and are spontaneously healed. A wealthy male client falls in love with her. When her former love comes courting in the form of a directionless Dada poet, she must choose, not only between two men, but two radically different outlooks on life.  If the Spirit Moves is a tender tale of recovery and healing in which rich and poor, living and dead, transcend their differences through laughter, tears, and hope for a brighter tomorrow. 

Cast and Creative

Serena Brook


Kyler Chase


Ben Heer


Christine Wade


Janet Trow

Lady Aspen

Abilene Olson

Mrs. Barnes

Production Team


Music Director:

Stage Manager:

Vocal Director:

Lindsay Fitzgerald

Harrison Wade

Z Makila

Christine Wade

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