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Our Projects

Ragtime Women
Ragtime Women is the story of four women in the early 1900s who defied convention to become successful Ragtime composers, musicians and performers.  It is a story of determination and the importance of passion and commitment when pursuing your dreams.  But it is also a story of the challenges women faced then, and still do today, when seeking to break free of societal norms and expectations.  Ragtime Women uses the original compositions of the characters to tell the story, along with other music from the period.
Ain't It a Grand and Glorious Feeling is a celebration of the seven princess musicals written by Jerome Kern and P.G. Wodehouse between 1915 and 1918 for the Princess Theater in NYC.   This original musical tells a story in the style of those original shows, but with a modern twist.  Surprisingly, we find that the age-old story of romance, love and marriage hasn't changed much in 100 years!
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