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"How often does theater (or film, or books...) truly center the female experience? -Compendium


May 4-14, 2017

The youth of every time period finds a style of music that defines their lives, typically in defiance of the older generation.  In the early 1900s it was "ragtime" -- a complex, syncopated form that reflected a changing world -- free, bold and innovative.

Many young women were not only inspired by this music but also by the changing times.  They tested limits.  They wanted more.  No longer satisfied to entertain family members on the piano in the parlor, they used their musical talent to compose and perform this new music. Despite their prolific work, these women disappeared from our view.

Ragtime Women is a story of determination, and the importance of passion and commitment when pursuing your dream.  But it is also a story of the challenges women faced then, and still do today, when seeking to break free of societal norms and expectations.  It reminds us that throughout history women have defied convention and made great sacrifices to pursue their dreams.  

Cast and Creative

Tara Schaefle

Gladys Yelvington

Krin McMillen

May Aufderheide

Christine Polich

Julia Niebergall

Jen Maren

Cora Salisbury

Production Team


Music Director:

Vocal Director:

Technical Manager:

Lindsay Redman

Harrison Wade

Christine Polich

Samm Nordstrom

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