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You may have noticed that we have transitioned our ticketing pricing to a new model in the last year!  We're always trying to come up with new ways to serve our audience, and we had a few goals in updating our system. 


We wanted to give the audience as much flexibility as possible while remaining as accessible as possible.  In the old model, the most affordable days to see shows were on Pay What You Can Nights and limited the times and days people could attend.  In our new model, every day is the same price, and you can get accessible ticket pricing any day you want!


Many patrons want to provide extra support to the theatre, and we wanted to create a system where people could buy tickets at the price that was right for them, and create space for extra support when audience members wanted to give more.


It's not always obvious how much it costs to make theatre, particularly when you commit to fair pay for all of your artists.  You may notice certain labels on the variable ticket pricing: Standard Ticket Price, Additional Support, Most Affordable Ticket Price.  If every audience member purchased an additional support ticket, we could cover the cost of a production.  Of course, this price is not feasible for every audience member, which is why we've created other tier pricing to fit different budgets.  But we find that many audience members appreciate knowing what the real cost of the work they're seeing is!


It's easy to get stuck on the old path, on the ways you've always done things.  We want to challenge ourselves to think outside of the box, try new things, and make adjustments to old and new models in order to live more to our values and serve our audience. 

If you have any additional questions on our variable ticketing system, please don't hesitate to reach out at!

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