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Five Ways to Support Us!


Now more than ever, performing arts organizations need financial support from their patrons to continue producing and presenting their work.  We are no different!  Our preference, of course, is to see you at the Playhouse to enjoy our shows.  But even under the best circumstances, ticket sales average only about 50% of the costs of producing a show - especially when we are committed to fair compensation for the artists and production team members.  There are many ways to support our work.  Choose what works for you! We will be most grateful - and will look forward to seeing you soon at the Playhouse! Click on the headings below to learn more about each option.

Buy a Ticket to an Upcoming Show!


Up next:  First Lady Suite in April/May!

Get a Gift Certificate!


Use it for any show in the future! Gift it to your friends and family members!

Purchase a Five Show-Punch Card!


Better than a season pass! Your punch card can be used for any performance any time.  You get the best deal on ticket prices, can choose whatever shows you prefer, pick any date! And you can use multiple punches for a single show if you'd like to bring a friend along!  Upcoming:  Well-Behaved Women in February, First Lady Suite in April/May, Ruthless in the summer, and Ghost Quartet next October!


We have a fiscal sponsorship with Fractured Atlas. That means that you can donate to us through them and your donation will be tax-deductible. The funds sit in an account for us and we can make withdrawals to fund our productions.  They ensure that all funds are used only for legitimate production expenses.

Become an Elisionista by joining our Patreon!


Join our Patreon for only $3/month to get up-to-date information about what we are up to, upcoming shows, videos, industry news, etc. You'll always be the first to know about our work! There is no long-term commitment. You can end your membership at any time. (And you can pay more than $3/month if you'd like -- totally up to you!)

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