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You may have noticed that our new mural is full of nature – flowers, an owl, a bee.  It reflects an expanded focus for our work.  In addition to our mission to highlight women artists and stories, we will also be seeking opportunities to explore an intersection with nature and the environment.  You may have already seen a bit of that with Sea Cabinet and Islander – and we hope to do more.


As part of our commitment to this new initiative we have created a Theatre Elision Forest through Tree-Nation.  Each year, one person averages nearly 10 tons of CO2 emissions.  These emissions can be offset by planting carefully selected species of trees each month.  In addition, the trees are planted as part of global projects working to reduce poverty, help local economies and preserve biodiversity.


We have started planting a tree every time someone makes a donation to Theatre Elision, buys a ticket or punch card, or joins our Patreon.  You can also go to our forest directly and buy a tree to plant here.


With this new initiative, you support local theatre, see some great art and help the planet!


Stop by regularly to see our forest grow.

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