We Foxes auditions

Auditions - Equity and Non-Equity

We Foxes by Ryan Scott Oliver


Saturday, December 14th at Elision Playhouse

10 am - noon and 12:45 - 4pm

If needed, callbacks will be held Sunday, December 15th

Seeking 2 women and 2 men to add to the 8 person cast

Sign up at:


We will also accept video submissions until December 10th from local actors.  

AEA Actors:  If there are no sign-up slots available, please email us at theatreelision@gmail.com to arrange a time to come in.

Sheet music for songs from the show are provided here (two for female voices, two for male voices).  Choose and prepare one of the cuts that fits you best.  You only need to prepare one. We will not ask you to sing the other during these auditions.  We may ask you to cold read from the script.  

FEMALE 1 - from measure 152 to end

FEMALE 2 - from beginning to measure 67

MALE 1 - from measure 53 to end

MALE 2 - from beginning to measure 221

Please bring your headshot and resume, and highlight any musical instruments you play proficiently.  

Rehearsals will begin Monday, April 13, 2020.  There will be eight performances May 7-10 and 14-17.

Actors of all ages, gender, abilities, races and ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition.

This is a developmental production working in collaboration with Ryan Scott Oliver.  The work has had several readings.  This will be a full production adapted for Theatre Elision.

The story takes place in the mid-1940s in southern United States.  The characters are a group of "tramps" living rough, riding the rails.  Telling stories for entertainment, they share the tale of Sheriff Quimby and his wife.  The "tramps" take on various characters as they act out the story.  There will be a cast of 8, likely 4 women and 4 men.  We will be looking for some to play instruments (guitar, violin, ukulele, or mandolin plus hand percussion).  Most actors will play multiple characters.  Those listed below are the main characters to be played.

Willa - an unmannered young woman, orphaned at a young age

Vesta - Sheriff's wife, a calculating social climber

Quimby - Sheriff, married to Vesta

George - Willa's brother

Jack - Tramp/Narrator

Ensemble Members

The role of Eugene has been cast.