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We are pleased to announce a new audition process for Theatre Elision. Going forward, we will have an open submission process. While we will make a formal request for submissions at least twice each year, performers are welcome to submit to us at any time.


Because we only produce musicals, submissions should include one minute of a song you feel best reflects your strengths as a performer. You are welcome to submit multiple songs if you’d like to showcase various styles or vocal ranges. Because we also often produce shows where actors play instruments, you are welcome to send us a sample of your playing, whether alone or accompanying yourself. Please include your headshot and resume and any other information you think we should know about you as a performer.


We will use these submissions as our pool of individuals to invite to callbacks for specific shows, at which time we will ask for either submissions or in-person auditions of songs and/or sides from the show.  We will also open up show-specific auditions at that time for those who may have not previously submitted or haven’t submitted for a while – again, asking people to perform a designated song from the show.


We are doing this to make our audition process as accessible as possible, and to expand the pool of performers we will consider for our productions.

Submissions are now open and we look forward to seeing your work.  If you have any questions about this process or what shows are being cast at any given time, don’t hesitate to email us.  We will always update where we are on casting on our website.


Send all submissions and questions to:


We are currently holding auditions for Hundred Days, running spring 2025.  You can find more info here.


We always welcome playwright submissions for consideration here at Theatre Elision!  In order to respect your time and be transparent with our producing practices, we'd love to share with you two main guidelines we have for considering new work.

  1. We only do what we would describe as one-act chamber musicals, or very music forward musicals.  Our focus is music and storytelling hand in hand, generally with casts between 2-6 people.

  2. Half of the cast needs to be female identifying, and we try to highlight shows that are for women, or by women, or about women.  This can come in a lot of different packages, though, so we try to stay open minded to different approaches or concepts. 

If you have a show that you feel fits these guidelines, please email us at with any materials you'd like to share!


Are you an actor, technician, playwright, musician, human being who wants to meet or connect with us?  Are you new to the Twin Cities?  Would you like to send us your portfolio or materials?  We'd love to hear from you!  Whether you want to meet up for coffee, chat about a new project, or tour the building, here are some ways to reach out to us about future opportunities or collaborations! 


You will see some personal contact information of our team members below--don't feel shy about reaching out to us personally as well!


Theatre Elision Email:

Christine Wade Email:

Harrison Wade Email:

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