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Upcoming Shows



Ghost Quartet 

Book, Lyrics and Music by Dave Malloy

COVID again postponed one of our shows -- the fourth production of Dave Malloy’s Ghost Quartet.  It will be back, and this time we will remake this stunning show on our Main Stage, to create a new experience for audiences.  A camera breaks and four friends drink in an interwoven tale spanning seven centuries, with a murderous sister, a treehouse astronomer, a bear, a subway, and the ghost of Thelonious Monk.  September 28-October 8

First Lady Suite

Words and Music by Michael John LaChiusa

First Lady Suite is an enthralling look into the lives of some of history’s most neglected figures, the wives of U.S. presidents. The musical is presented in four vignettes: Over Dallas, Where's Mamie?, Olio, and Eleanor Sleeps Here. This production was scheduled for March 2020 but was postponed a few days before opening night.  We will bring it back as soon as it is safe to do so.   Dates TBD


Music by Marvin Laird; Book and Lyrics by Joel Paley

Returning by popular demand, "Ruthless" is a hilarious musical that has been an off-broadway smash hit.  This all-female production spoofs Broadway musicals, like Gypsy and Mame, and movies such as The Bad Seed and All About Eve.  It is the story of Tina, a precocious eight-year-old who knows she was born to play Pippi Longstocking in her school play, and will do anything to get the part, including murdering the leading lady!  Dates TBD