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Of Art and Artists


Devised by Cindy Polich

"Of Art and Artists is a dynamic, innovative, and interesting way of presenting poetry through multiple mediums. . .For a program focused primarily on a single poet from Brookline, Massachusetts, the musical and other variety is impressive." -Twin Cities Art Reader

APRIL 2019

Of Art and Artists is a celebration of art and the artists who create it.  Using the poetry and words of Pulitzer-prize winning poet Amy Lowell combined with the music and artwork of several brilliant (and predominantly female) contemporary composers and artists, this production takes the audience on a journey exploring poetry, writing, music, theater, dance, visual art, nature, and the artists themselves.

Cast and Creative

Christine Wade

Krin McMillen

Anna Hashizume

Daniel Grecco

Maggie Burr

Brianna Belland

Zach Garcia

Jim Ahrens

Production Team


Music Director:

Vocal Director:

Stage Manager:

Choral Director:

Lindsay Fitzgerald

Harrison Wade

Christine Wade

Megan Gooden

Kellen McMillen




Harrison Wade

Erik Schee

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