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Financial pressures in theater are nothing new.  Ticket sales don't cover the full cost of mounting a theatrical production. We are building back after years of Covid-related challenges.  Theatre Elision is also committed to fair compensation for all of the artists - on stage and off.  We humbly ask for your help to fund our ongoing work to bring new and rare musical theater to the Twin Cities stage!

There have been many changes in the theater world over the past three years.  Over this time we have been working to ensure a safe and humane work environment, enhance diversity, and improve pay equity and fair compensation for artists.  The results are very satisfying but also expensive. Upcoming productions will cost over twice as much to produce as our previous shows - driven mostly by increased compensation for our artists and production team.  Due to the risks associated with covid, we also have increased the number of artists and members of our production team to make sure we have adequate staffing for rehearsals and performances if someone becomes ill.  We've never engaged understudies or redundant production team members, so this is a new adventure for us!  

Knowing that ticket sales will not cover the increased costs, we are asking our supporters to support the artists - especially if you are unable to attend a performance!  

Donations are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor - Fractured Atlas. Use the button above to provide your donation.  THANK YOU!

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