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Punch Card Graphic
Upcoming Shows to use your punch card on:
Sea Cabinet - May 9 - May 18
Penelope - July 12 - August 17
Ghost Quartet - October 10 - 19

What is a punch card?  

Our five show punch card is a way to purchase multiple tickets at once at a discount. This has replaced our season pass, as we have moved away from the idea of traditional seasons at Theatre Elision.

How much do punch cards cost?

For general admission, the punch card costs $150.00. We have a discounted punch card, priced at $128.00, for residents of Crystal, Robbinsdale, and Hew Hope, along with seniors, students, and industry colleagues. Industry colleagues are anybody who works within the theatre industry in any capacity.

Can I use multiple punches on a single show?

Yes! You can use as many punches as you like on any show. Perhaps you want to come back and see a show again, perhaps you want to bring a friend and use a punch on their ticket, perhaps you want to bring a whole group! You can use the punches for yourself or guests, on a single show or on multiple shows.

Do I get a physical card?

We operate as a paperless, ticketless theater. No need to have or bring tickets, just check in at the ticketing desk when you arrive for the show. If you have received a confirmation of your ticket purchase, we will have you on our list! We'll keep track of your "punches" and let you know when you have used up your card (and will hopefully want a refill).

Do I get to choose what day I see a production?

Yes! As each show in the season approaches, we email you to get your preferred date to attend. You're also welcome to save punches for future shows.

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